About 40 percent of total population in Latin America live in poverty, and about 25 percent of the total population live with less than a dolar a day. The lack of employment and education make poor people have low incomes, which cause lack of food at their homes. A video made by UNICEF describes how poor people live in Guatemala.

What cause unemployment and hunger within Latin American population is the relationship between government and corruption. Corruption starts in political campaigns when politicians give some money or gifts to the poor. It is really common to see candidates going through the most poorest neighborhoods and giving food to assure votes.

Many children don’t know about big brands. KFC, Burger King or McDonald’s don’t exist for them, they just want to know if they will be lucky enough to eat some decent food.

It is a governmental responsibility to take care of these people. To stop playing with their basic necessities, and to stop corruption. All the money that disappeared with the corrupt politicians can be use on poor people, and on their alimentation.